We are more than just a speakers club; we want members to enjoy our meetings enough to want to return. On occasions, a member has sung a song, introduced mild comedy and even played a musical instrument!

One of the main aims of the club is, after all, promoting self confidence in front of others and speaking is not the only way of achieving it.

3d human give a lecture behind a podium

How do we go about achieving our aims?

The club is a member of the Association of Speakers Club (ASC) which helps clubs with development and recruitment. They give advice, hold seminars, organise conferences and produce literature, including a Speaker’s Guide on all aspects of speaking in front of others. Our club works through each section of the Guide which includes, ‘use of notes,’ ‘use of humour,’ ‘speech construction,’ ‘use of gestures,’ ‘after dinner speeches,’ and ‘impromptu speaking.’ Speeches are evaluated by other members, who give helpful advice and encouragement as appropriate.

Every member gets the opportunity to chair a meeting and we also have a topics session, when members are asked to speak for 3 minutes on a topic chosen by the chairman; this helps us to think quickly on our feet (very useful at job interviews.) For further details click onto ‘programme‘ and ‘archive.’ We also visit other organisations, giving demonstration evenings or speaking on a particular subject. The club holds speaking competitions annually, for those who are competitive, the winners going on to ASC, Area, District and – if successful – the National final. Click onto the ASC website for full details.