Club Meeting 19th Dec 2016 – theme “it’s Christmas”

Our Christmas meetings do not have a written agenda and members just turn up and do their own thing, it could be reciting a poem, a reading, singing a song, playing a musical instrument ,as long as members get on their feet and gain valuable experience in front of an audience (its the main purpose of our club)

At the start, Frank had a pleasant duty to perform, presenting the certificate of achievement to Roger; this proves that the member has successfully tackled all 10 assignments from the ‘speakers Guide’, no mean feat.

Frank began the evening with 2 light hearted readings, one dealing with the internet according to the bible and another about a reunion between a group of 40 year old men and how their reasons for choosing their restaurant changed through the ages, at 40 they chose Wetherspoons because the waitress had a big cleavage and wore a short skirt, at age 50 it was because the waitress was attractive, the food and service was good and the beer  excellent. At aged 60 it was because there was ample parking, could dine in peace and quiet with no loud music, at 70 it was because the restaurant was wheelchair accessible and had toilets for the disabled, finally at aged 80 they chose Wetherspoons because they had never been there before! Roger recited a poem that he had written, the words have been adopted by a pop group who have used them in one of their records. Ron gave us a thought provoking speech on memory and the brain. David gave us a quiz which Roger won, correctly answering 9 out of the 20 questions (its a good job we aren’t a quiz club!)

Roger, as topics chairman, asked Frank to imagine he was a Fox in a field and heard the sounds of the hunt, after 3 minutes Frank asked another member to continue and after 3 minutes it passed to another member and so on, in other words a continuous story. This proved quite challenging but enjoyable and showed once again the quality of the club members who always seem to come up with something different.

Frank closed the meeting at 9.45pm, after wishing everyone a safe journey home.

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