Club Meeting 7th March 2016

CLUB MEETING 7th March 2016

Tonight’s meeting was very different to our usual format; its theme was, ‘The Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC)’ and was presented by David Heaton. Frank opened the meeting in the absence of our President, Mike George, and welcomed back ex member, Mark, who has changed his work pattern and is now able to attend regularly. Frank introduced the business session and informed the members that our new web site was up and running, we can now begin some serious advertising to attract new members. David then took over as chairman for the evening; as a former District President and current Area President (second year in office) he is very familiar with the workings of ASC and took us through the hierarchy, the various geographical regions and explained how the ASC organised, conferences, seminars, training days and issued guidance notes and literature on just about every facet of speaking in front of others, he provided maps and print outs to illustrate his talk. We were shown a DVD of the speakers at our national conference in Southport in 2015 (we saw a very high standard) and also an address from William Warren, the National Chairman (very impressive) David then asked the members for feedback, why did they join a speakers club? what do they get out of it? what don’t they like about ASC? When David attends the next NEC meeting he can pass on the feedback. Frank, our longest serving member, told us how and when the club was formed, its venues, past members and how he wanted it to be a mixed club from day one, it became the only mixed club in our area in 1995. Frank also announced that the club had now ‘come of age’ and is 21 years old! The meeting started late at 7.50pm and finished late, well after 10pm (several members going over their time when speaking!)

Our next meeting will be on the 21st March 7.40pm start.

Frank Grace,

Vice President, Club Treasurer and Webwester.

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