THE SUMMER RECESS The club held three social events

1-Lowther Castle-12th June Despite the wet weather there was a good turnout and we were able to stroll around the grounds, admire some fine woodland and appreciate the panoramic views. The Castle and grounds, after being left derelict for many years, is in the process of being restored and we saw evidence of what has so far been achieved as well as gaining information of future plans. This was a good oppurtunity to see it at its early stages before the crowds arrive, as they surely will in the near future.

2-Frank’s House, Cockermouth- 17th July Eighteen members and friends attended, each contributing by bringing food and drink; we were unable to spill out into the garden, as in previous years, because of the wet weather, but we were cosy and warm inside, the drinks flowed and the food eaten, against a hub-bub of noisy chatter, as we took the oppurtunity to catch up on all the news; Jess turned up with her 15 year old German pen friend, Tim, a huge fellow who made us all look small! It was a big surprise when Liz brought Faye with her; it was some years ago that Faye left the area, moving to Yorkshire, but she has kept in touch and gave us all the news from her neck of the woods; once again we heard of the way other clubs do things a little different to us. She really did look well, Yorkshire obviously agrees with her!

3- Bowling in Workington-14th August Anna had booked 2 alleys and reserved tables at the ‘Caspian’ for a meal afterwards. Once again there was a good attendance and we all had a go at aiming a large, heavy ball at skittles which often seemed a long way away, especially as the balls seemed to have a mind of their own! Frank, at long last, managed to let go of the ball before it hit the skittles, we all knew that he would get there in the end! David Preshaw was the winner, having accumulated the most points, with David Heaton a close second. The event produced a pleasant atmosphere with everyone feeling at ease with each other, which is how it should be considering how our regular club meetings are conducted in an informal, relaxed manner, almost like one big family! The meal afterwards was enjoyed by everyone and David Heaton made sure that nothing was wasted. Jess’s parents dropped in along with her sister, it was our first introduction to her family, a nice touch.

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