MONDAY 9th May-Presidents night

Frank chaired the evening and President Dave started by relating his ‘big 50’ birthday cruise on the Caribbean; we heard of a big boat(3000 passengers) big meals and big waterfalls and Dave described it as the best holiday of his life. Frank then introduced the ‘object’ session; members had been asked to bring along an object to speak about for about 5 minutes; the chairman was looking for variety and he got it!

Mike introduced a small piece of paper named ‘scrap’ and proceeded to give a humorous version of the history of paper and its invention by an Egyptian named Pap. Yrus!  Reg showed us a small well worn pencil, kept because it was used by his father when filling out betting slips! Anna introduced a romantic element, a champagne cork used to celebrate her husband’s wedding proposal, involving Grizedale Pike, a lost dog and a grateful dog owner.

The photograph of Trix’s car half suspended in mid -air produced much comment from the members whilst Jess told us a bit more about herself by talking about her bible. David’s first aid badge and Adelaide’s rum butter bowl were well received. Frank finished the session by introducing his ‘baby’, a tenor saxophone, recently purchased on EBay; whilst assembling it he gave an outline of its origins and his love of the instrument, Trix remarked that he appeared to be caressing it! Frank, prompted by the audience, played his version of ‘summertime’, treating them to a Les Dawson type rendering! Such varied objects, such interesting stories, so well presented, keeping the members entertained; another successful evening for the club, pity it’s our last club meeting (apart from the AGM) until September.

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