MONDAY 7th FEBRUARY – Tall Story Competition

Anna Wilson chaired the competition as nine members tried, not too hard, to fool the audience; the subjects ranged from the bizarre to the hilarious. We were told about ghostly airmen on a Lakeland fell, the British soldiers in Burma who fooled the Japanese by attaching rubber feet complete with toes to the soles of their boots so that it appeared from their footprints that only local natives had passed that way! We heard about the man who lost his job in the abattoir now working in a zoo, he couldn’t stop killing anything that bit him, including bees and monkeys. Jess Longrigg the juniormember aged 15 told us she was an undercover agent from MI6 and we had a terrorist in our midst, this absurd tale was delivered so well that the members were almost convinced.

Mark Murphy was the eventual winner with his Gorilla story. Afterwards, Adelaide Johnson chaired a topics session, she gave each member a holiday destination and they had to convince us that it was theperfect place for the family. This session continued on from the Tall Story Contest, developing further into the realms of fantasy and when President, David Heaton finally closed the Meeting, members went home chuckling to themselves, it had turned out to be one of our more light hearted sessions. Frank Grace

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