Adelaide chaired the meeting; David Preshaw and Liz gave speeches to the theme ‘just when you thought it was safe’. They each approached the theme in a different way, with David asking the question “how safe are we?” and comparing different modes of travel. Liz started with the dark side of human behaviour before moving on to our planet and how much longer do we have! Mark and Mike evaluated the speeches, praising the good points as well as giving guidance as to where they could be improved.¬†After the interval David Heaton chaired the Topics session and members were asked to choose from a pile of folded pieces of paper, each one with a different topic, starting with the opening “just when you thought it was safe” and then giving the topic, ie to go by train, motorbike, boat etc. this worked very well as members all managed to speak for more than 3 minutes with Mark speaking for 4minutes17 seconds!

Anna, as General Evaluator, gave an excellent summing up of the evening, highlighting the positives and just a few negatives!

David, closed the meeting at 9.40pm

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