Ten members attended which was an improvement on some earlier meetings. At first no one was quite sure of the agenda because chairmen Reg had just returned from holiday and had not received full feedback on who was attending; Frank opened the meeting with the business session and informed everyone that several members would be acting as judges for club competitions at Cockermouth and Carlisle; Anna is giving the speech for the evaluation competition at Cockermouth. He mentioned proposed visit from the District President and our joint meeting with Cockermouth Reg took over the chairman’s role and soon sorted out the programme.

Anna gave a topics session with a difference, because it was Halloween, the theme was concerned with witches, spells and all things creepy. We heard about the Pendle Hill witches, how they were tried and found guilty and some horror stories about rats. After the interval Adelaide and Mike gave speeches to the theme, giving us lots of information, some of which was humorous. Jess and David Preshaw evaluated the speeches giving praise for their efforts along with some tips for improvement. Frank evaluated the evening praising Reg and the others for creating an atmosphere that enabled everyone to feel at home with excellent audience rapport throughout. Frank closed the meeting after discussing our competition night on the 14th November.

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