For this meeting we had 7 members, including new member Wendy, plus 4 visiting members, Vic and Sandy from Cockermouth Club and Susan and Jess (Sinclair) from Carlisle. Our President David Preshaw opened the meeting with the business session. Frank gave an update on activities involving publicity, he had contacted some organisations, asking them to draw their staff’s attention to our club. Britains Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) Had got in touch, inviting him to one of their meetings, posters had been displayed in Workington and the Times and Star had printed his appeal for new members, finally the next meeting on the 16th September will be held at THE SAILING AND FISHING CLUB IN HARRINGTON 7-30 START the venue is suitable and used by the local community, with more chance of attracting new members.

Jess Longrigg gave a farewell speech, before moving on to Aberdeen University, she thanked the club for helping her in so many ways and promised to return from timev to time. The club will will miss her. Frank then gave a speech to the assignment ‘humour’ and spoke about Scotland and its very effective defence system, the wee beasties, the midges and went on to speak about the whisky trade. David Heaton evaluated bringing out the positives with some advice for improvement. After the interval Wendy chaired the topics session, everyone was given a song title to speak about. this produced lots of smiles, giggles and laughter as the members struggled to speak for 3 minutes. Mike was the general evaluator and summed up the evening, concluding that it had been successful. 

Our new season starts on 2nd September 2013 at the Cumberland Hotel in Workington 7-40pm and we welcome visitors and propective new members. We have lost 6 regulars and are really struggling with numbers;at present we have 5 members but Wendy Brown from the Cockermouth Club is joining us as a ‘joint member’; this is good news, not only does it increase membership, albeit by one, but Wendy will add significantly to our club, having twice reached the ASC national finals in recent years, no mean feat.

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