Have a look at our Spring programme to find out when the next meeting is.  If necessary, we can always change the schedule to accommodate new members!

We hold hybrid meetings, so you can attend at the Venue or via Zoom.

Monday 9th January 2023

 “Lighter Days…”

Chair:                Jess. S.

Reading            David. P

Speech:  Dave. B. F3(Speaking with Conviction)

Evaluation:        John. B.

Speech:            Kerry A3 (Using Humour)

Evaluation:        Pam



Topics:              Dave. H.

GE:                      Dave. P.

Monday 20th February 2023

“Red Meat …”

Chair:                  John. B.

Reading            Pam

Speech:     Jess. S F3 (Speaking with Conviction)

Evaluation:       Liz

Speech          Dave. B. A1 (Vocab & Word Pics)

Evaluation:       Pam



Topics:                 David. P

GE:                      Kerry

Monday 3rd April 2023

“Debate….That Holidays should be Banned”

Chair:         John. B

1st Speaker For the motion – Pam

1st Speaker Against the motion – Dave. B

2nd Speaker For the motion – Dave. P

2nd speaker Against the motion – Jess. S.

1st Speaker For the motion Summary

1st Speaker Against the motion Summary

Topics:     David. H.

GE:           Liz

Monday 23rd January 2023

“Our Universe.…”

Chair:             Kerry

Reading          Jess. S.

Speech:          Liz  F2 (Constructing a Speech)

Evaluation:     David. P

Speech:           Pam F5 (Using Your Voice)

Evaluation:     David. H.



Topics:             John. B

GE:                 Dave. B

Monday 6th March 2023

“Computers ….”

Chair:                 Liz

Reading:               Dave. H.

Speech:                 John. B. A4 (Audience Rapport)

Evaluation:         Dave. B.

Speech:                 Pam A4 (Audience Rapport)

Evaluation:         Jess. S.



Topics:                 Jess

GE:                      Dave. H.

Monday 24th April 2023


Chair:            President

Speech:       Dave. B. A2 (Storyboard & Narrative)

Evaluation:   Kerry

Speech:     David. P. F2 (Constructing a Speech)

Evaluation:   Jess.

GE                John. B.

Monday 6th February 2023


Chair:               David. P.

Speech:            Dave. B A4 (Audience Rapport)

Evaluation:      Jess. S

Speech:  John. B. F3 (Speaking with Conviction)

Evaluation:      Kerry



Topics:               Liz

GE:                      Dave. B.

Monday 20th March 2023

“Lifelong Learning….”

Chair:                  David. P

Speech          Liz A1 (Vocab & Word Pics)

Evaluation:      Dave, B.

Speech:       Pam F3 (Speaking with Conviction)

Evaluation:      Dave. H.



Topics:                Kerry

GE:                    John. B.

NB: Chair of meeting is to contact participants and prepare agenda, adjusting the programme where necessary.

Speakers Guide


F1 -Starting Your Journey
F2 – Construction a

F3 – Speaking with conviction
F4 – Using Gestures and Body Language
F5 – Using your voice

A1 – Vocabulary and Word Pictures
A2 – Storytelling and Narrative
A3 – Using Humour
A4 – Developing Audience Rapport
A5 – The “Showpiece”

D1 – The Impromptu Speech
D2 – Speaking to a non-ASC Audience
D3 – Using Presentation Aids
D4 – Chairing meetings
D4a – Giving a Lecture
C4b – Making a Business Presentation
C4c – Speaking for Occasions
C4d – Prepared Speaking Without Notes

Each regular meeting will start at 7:40pm and end at about 9.30pm

The Timekeeper of each club meeting will be arranged on the night.

The programme may be adapted to accommodate new members

The Chairman of each meeting is to contact participants in advance and prepare the agenda. adjusting the schedule where necessary. Please contact the meeting Chairman if you are unable to attend.