Club Meeting 7th November 2016


This meeting had a bit of everything, a ‘beginners speech’ by Pauline, a ‘Showpiece’ (only attempted after progressing successfully through 9 different speeches ) originally called a ‘masterpiece speech’, a very different topics session from Roger; Mark filling the role of ‘General Evaluator’ for the first time. We also had a few blips (timing lights not explained properly and Frank ,as chairman, forgot one or two things) David evaluated Pauline’s speech, praising her for her content and the obvious research she had carried out, “preparation is everything” and he found the subject very informative telling her that she should move on to the next assignment in the guide book(A2) Rogers speech, because it was an A10 assignment, was evaluated by two members Ron(as the external evaluator) and David. Roger developed his theme on ‘failure’ explaining that one persons failure was another ones success ie in a battle, million fish eggs that fail to survive but millions do and he finished with, “failure is just a moment in time ” Both evaluators praised Roger and told him he had successfully completed all ten speeches in the ASC Guide. Roger then chaired the topics session, giving each member a number to speak on for three minutes, it became quite a memorable session, as each member tried , with varying success, to relate to their number. Mark, as General Evaluator, summed up the evening and managed to get all his points across to the audience. Frank closed the meeting, see you next time!

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