We had a guest for the evening Ross Docherty who introduced himself and spoke very well for a few minutes; lets hope we see him again, a potential new member? everything is possible! This was a meeting was chaired by Jess and was a meeting with a difference because Frank’s assignment was a 20 minute lecture on ‘Acupuncture’. He used power point for the first time, and it showed! lots of errors, lack of co ordination between notes and the slides, but plenty of information on the subject. The members asked lots of questions (always a good sign) before giving their evaluation of Frank’s lecture; the comments ranged from poor layout of the room, some members could not see the slides clearly, to excessive reading of notes and lack of voice volume.

The club Topics competition then followed, chaired by Mike, there were four contestants and Anna was judged the winner by the members, who placed Jess second. Reg, as General Evaluator, summed up the meeting, criticising Jess for not mentioning the timing procedure and for not being positive enough “when you are chairman, what you say goes, its your meeting and you make the decisions on the night, do not consult the members, just make the decisions” Strong stuff indeed!

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