Our meeting on the 8th started with the sad news that Reg had resigned from the club on health grounds; this is a huge blow to the club, Reg is a founder member and his knowledge and experience will be sorely missed. Our President, David, gave a brief resume of the summer activities, Franks social at his house was well attended and we all enjoyed sitting out in the sun with our refreshments, the afternoon trip to the bowling alley in Workington, later in the year, was appreciated by all who participated.

Roger gave a speech based on the evenings theme ‘lost in space’ and featured David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. Wendy evaluating said how enjoyable she found it and highlighted the good points with suggestions where it could be improved. Glen gave his first speech for the club which was so humerous that we were still chuckling when the meeting closed, Frank evaluated and congratulated him on his good start with the club.
Mike gave us a topic session based on the theme for the evening, it was very challenging but the members managed to speak for allotted time of 3 minutes, something that David Preshaw picked up on when he evaluated the whole evening; he thought that everyone made a good contribution, before passing back to the president to close the meeting.

On 15th we welcomed a new guest, Pauline and Annette, who attended a previous meeting. Frank chaired the meeting which produced lots of humour as the members all kept to the theme ‘all the fun of the fair,’

President, David, despite having very little time to prepare for his speech because of pressure at work, managed to give a very good speech which was praised by Mike when he gave his evaluation. Roger gave us a speech that kept our interest throughout, something that was highlighted by Ron when he gave his evaluation.

David Preshaw gave us a topic session that the members really appreciated, ‘the fun of the fair’, striking a chord with us all; once again, Glen entertained us giving a tale about a rabbit, he really is a very funny man and once again we were still chuckling on the way home.

Wendy gave a very good general evaluation of the evening, with some criticism of the business session (straying off the subject, Frank as chairman, forgetting one or two things!) but she thought the meeting was successful, and very enjoyable.

The next meeting on 6th October is our ‘tall Story’ evening, where everyone gets involved.

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